2005 – A bunch of coaches got together to form a new league that was way less expensive and better run than what was currently available through the only available league for under 3rd graders, the YMCA.
2006 – 

In 2006 Ammon Youth Basketball League Inc. was formed to formalize the organization and give some level of liability protection to the organizers of the league


Games were mainly played at Falls Valley Elementary School and some at Ammon Elementary.  A few years after we started this league the City of Idaho Falls started a younger league and around 2013 or 2014 someone started a league in Iona.  YMCA has also decreased their price from where it was.


2016 After 10 years of running a league at Falls Valley Elementary and around 2000 participants we are not running a league this year.  No gym times at Falls Valley.  When we called during the first week of school they told us that all of the gym times were given to other coaches and organizations.

Abram Belnap

Abram Belnap and Bridger Blakesly coached a team in the league


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The AYBL is not going to be available in 2016

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Pictures from 2015 year

Pictures from one of the last games played at the Falls Valley Gym